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Moon Rocks Pina Colada, contains 15% CBD, OG bud, dipped in honey oil, and powdered with kief.


Buy pre-rolls online Qatar

Moon rock is a premium quality of marijuana and quite famous for its powerful effect on the mind and body. Many prefer to use it in different forms. However, smokers love to enjoy it in the pre-rolls form. It is also considered one of the most original methods of consuming weed. With the help of the moon rockweed, one can enjoy a good combination of CBD and THC, which are the most prominent content of the cannabis plant. Buy pre-rolls online Qatar and taste best weed.

Now you must be wondering that why we are emphasizing buying the moon rockweed at our store. At our store, you will find that products are checking in the labs for quality several times. Furthermore, we offer special pricing because we run the operation in bulk and have meager operational costs. All of our products are safe to use, and one can check the quality parameters at any time with us.

Our delivery process is safe and durable. It means that you do not have to worry about the location. Our delivery expert has good knowledge and experience of delivering the weed product right at the customers’ doorstep. Due to this reason, our customer base is growing with the passing of every day. Explore another product prepared with a good quality cannabis plant. Buy pre-rolls online Qatar for premium quality.


buy pre-rolls online Qatar



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1 review for Moon Rock Pina Colada Pre-Roll

  1. Antonio

    Received my order fast and having tried these out for a couple of weeks I can say for certain that it works great!!!! Love these compared to other brands for sure

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