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Chocolate Chip Cannabis Cookies is infused with 75mg of THC derived from Coconut Oil with Decarboxylated.

  • This pack contains 5mg of THC per cookie. So, go ahead help ypurself.


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Edibles allowed the consumers to consume the Cannabis plant in the safest possible manner. They are made with good recipes so that you can enjoy them. Gone are the days when the conventional method of smoking was popular for Cannabis consumption. 


Now you can have all the benefits of the Cannabis plant without taking the risk of smoking. The best part about the animals is that you have complete control over the content. You can always consume a safe amount of cannabis through edibles. It would be best to buy edibles online Florida to taste some of the best quality cannabis plants. 


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 Our store provides the lowest possible lakes of edibles. It is so because we have the wholesale process of operating our business. Apart from that, we produce cannabis on our organic farms in a safe manner. We ensure that customers can get nothing but the best quality of the cannabis. 


Due to this reason, we always mention the amount of THC and CBD on the content. The edibles are tested in the Laboratories many times before the final delivery. Delivery partners make sure that all the data is safe and never shared with anyone else. We also maintain the privacy of your transactions with us. All the payments are secured. 



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