Caramelo Hash


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Aromas: fruity with a note of caramel
Color: caramel
Effect: relaxing (body and mind)
Type: indica
Genetic origin: hybrid
Laboratory tested for purity and compliance

Caramelo Hash, with its 26,3% of CBD, will make you forget your small worries, with a small taste of Morocco in mouth. Conceived from a secret formula, we were surprised by the quality of this hashish, and its characteristic soft taste.

THC: 0,109%
CBD: 26,3%.
Appearance: Brown
Texture: Resin, half fat, half dry
Typical smell and taste
⚖️ 100% Legal product <0,3% THC 🧪 Analyzed and certified French laboratory 💳 Secure CB payment 🤙🏻 Sav Reactive Translated with (free version)

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