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Cannabis Infused Honey will make 12 oz of marijuana honey, containing about 10 mg THC. Made from supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil and clover honey, these are a great choice for a long lasting therapeutic effect, and are reported to provide an uplifting, cerebral experience.

  • THC cannabis-infused honey sticks are a sweet, medicated treat, available in a range of dosing levels.
  • A discrete way to medicate, infused honey can be easily added to tea, yogurt, or fruit, or simply enjoyed straight from the straw.


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 Cannabis has several medical remedies as per the research shown in recent years. However, many scientists are still finding out the contents, which can be highly beneficial for us. Until this date, CBD and THC content is known to be the most helpful content of the Cannabis plant.


They can have a positive impact on the mind and body of the users. In addition, does an individual prefer to buy edibles oil online Qatar at the Weed Hemps store? We provide CBD-infused Honey sticks and many other products prepared from the original Cannabis flower at our store.


Cannabis-infused honey sticks


 You will find that we are offering all types of products at very affordable pricing. This is so because we have our organic farms where we grow the Cannabis flower naturally. Apart from that, we are running the operation in bulk and enjoy being online. Due to this reason, we do not have to pay several sorts of taxes and another operational cost.


Our store is highly trusted by a majority of consumers who prefer edibles of the Cannabis plant. We have the best recipes to prepare edibles from the Cannabis plant. Therefore, you can always place an order and buy edibles oil online in Qatar at the lowest possible rates in the industry. The amount of CBD and THC is always mentioned on the various products.

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  1. Addison

    Good Quality,They were as described. Good strength and quality.

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